STA220 The Practice of Statistics I Syllabus

University of Toronto, Fall 2014

About This Course

An introductory course in statistical concepts and methods, emphasizing exploratory data analysis for univariate and bivariate data, sampling and experimental designs, basic probability models, estimation and tests of hypothesis in one-sample and comparative two-sample studies. A statistical computing package is used but no prior computing experience is assumed. (Note:STA220H1 does not count as a distribution requirement course) Section L0201 (Enrironmental Sciences) and L0301 (Health and Life Sciences) have a focus on applications in a specific area, but any section will satisfy a STA220H1 program requirement. The prerequisites are the same for all sections. This course will also be Available Online For the section available online: The online section of the course will use web-based delivery of lectures and online assessments, and will require participation in online discussions and problem solving using a range of communication tools. The final eam will require student attendance on the St. George campus.