SOC260 Political Sociology Syllabus

University of Toronto, Fall 2016

About This Course

This course introduces students to the field of political sociology by exploring the relationship between state and society. The first part of the course offers a brief overview of major theoretical approaches to build a historically informed understanding of the state in capitalist society. The second part of the course examines major transformations that nation-states have undergone during the era of economic globalization. The third part looks at states’ responses to popular discontent and resistance. The last part of the course considers alternative politico-economic models. The main goal is to develop a systematic understanding of the macro-social dynamics between political institutions, capital, and civil society. Overarching themes, including state building, social movements, political parties, imperialism, transnationalization, political violence, coercion, and human rights, are explored by incorporating some empirical examples from different parts of the world.