SOC205 Urban Sociology Syllabus

University of Toronto, Fall 2016

About This Course

The theoretical and methodological underpinnings of urban sociology are broad, reflecting a range of disciplines and approaches. This course first reviews theories of urban genesis and urban form; the interrelationship of urbanization, industrialization and modernization, issues in urban living (housing, transportation, urban-renewal, poverty, unemployment, etc.); urban social networks (ethnic and cultural heterogeneity, neighbourhood, community and other voluntary associations). In doing so, we will compare and contrast different theoretical and methodological approaches for understanding urban life. Second, the course covers several special topic areas in urban sociology: homelessness, gentrification, multiethnic cities, globalization, residential segregation, crime, and public space. Third, the course offers real world observation and examples that speak to the strength and limitations of particular theory, data, and methods for studying urban problems.